Can terracotta clay roof tiles be recoloured?

Terracotta roof tilesWanting to change our surroundings is a part of the human condition — particularly when it comes to our homes. The old adage is true; home really is where the heart is but it is also where we are free to rearrange, recolour and redecorate whenever the mood takes us. Having a certain amount of artistic license when it comes to the exterior of the house is always an enjoyable challenge, especially where the roof is concerned. This begs the question: Can terracotta clay roof tiles be recoloured?

Glazed or Unglazed?

Terracotta clay can be porous, which makes it susceptible to salt and wind damage, and erosion over time. Many people opt to keep their tiles unglazed initially. This is the most natural look one can achieve. Of course, you should have a proper maintenance schedule for them, as terracotta tiles need to be cleaned regularly and the ridge capping repointed along with the valleys and flashings checked. Unglazed tiles can be painted in order to change their colour, although most people prefer the Mediterranean ambience afforded by their natural, red-brown hue.

In many cases, people choose to have their terracotta roof tiles glazed. This glaze acts as a buffer against any damage caused by the weather or other natural elements. It is possible to recolour or repaint the tiles, provided that a high pressure water device is used to remove all of the moss beforehand. Apply a primer or etching solution to prepare the tiles for their shiny new coat. A sealer should be applied as the second coat. Thereafter two coats of a good quality roofing paint will be more than adequate for getting the job done.

What is the Best Method for Paint Application?

Because terracotta tiles can be porous and a bit more fragile than others, it may be a good idea to go for a high pressure, airless application. Using brushes or rollers might not guarantee a flawless effect. An airless application also guarantees that the paint will not flake or clump.

NOTE: if the tiles are very brittle we do not recommend recolouring the tiles – they should be replaced instead. Contact us to get a free no obligation quote today.

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