Can I use silicone to repair a tiled roof?

There are a lot of commonly asked questions when it comes to home maintenance. One of the questions often asked about roof repairs is: “Can I use Silicone to Repair a Tiled Roof?” This is a very good question because clay tiles often get cracked and can cause severe damage to a home’s inner structures.

When searching for the answer to that question online it will be hard to find a direct answer because most roofing contractors and DIY home repair websites all recommend replacing cracked and damaged tiles immediately versus repairing them. Unfortunately, there may be times when hiring a roofing professional to fix a broken tile is out of the question due to timing, location, and even finances.

This is where the question could actually answer itself. If seeking a temporary fix to a broken tile, then yes Silicon could be used to seal the broken tile and prevent it from causing leaks and the growth of mold under the roofs surface. Leaking roofs are an absolute nightmare; they can cause damage to wood as well as damages far below the attic surfaces if left unrepaired.

Many homeowners that elect to make a temporary repair to a broken tile do so in order to avoid costly repairs if leaking occurs. To make this type of repair it is wise to learn how to properly walk on a tiled roof. Not knowing how to walk on tiles can result with even more damaged tiles. Tiles are sensitive to having weight bore down upon them, especially around the edges of them.

Taking precaution to evenly distribute weight and staying clear of the edges of the tiles will help prevent damage to them. A lot of people use a board with padding under it to keep from damaging tile and make it safer to walk on the surface. It is easy to lose balance while walking on slanted surfaces anyway, so using boards and padding is actually the safest way to walk on tile.

When trying to seal a broken tile with Silicone it is wise to have plenty of material to complete the job. Sealing in and around the entire crack, as well as sealing the sides of the tile along with the top and bottom of the tile will likely be enough to hold the tile over until a professional repair can be made. Though a lot of homeowners prefer to have a roofing contractor make the repair, it is not all that difficult to remove a broken tile and replace it with a new one. In saying that, we highly recommend you get in touch with us before jumping on your roof and attempting to fix any tiles yourself as it can be quite dangerous. Contact us now for a free quote.

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