Is Roof Sarking the Same as Sisalation?

When consulting with a roofing contractor clients are likely to hear words such as Sarking or Sisalation. This has people asking questions like, “Is Roof Sarking the Same as Sisalation?” The most common answer to that question could be both yes and no.

Both of these are words relate to a type of insulation that is used in roofing as well as for interior wall coverings. Sarking is most commonly used as a type of membrane to reduce moisture, leaking, dust, and other elements that can cause damage to homes over a period of time. Another form of Sarking is using boards to overlay roofing materials to create extra strength in the roof. After these boards are placed in position roofing tiles, sheet metal, and other coverings are applied.

Most roofing contractors find that Sarking actually strengthens certain areas of the roof making it stronger and lasting longer than roofs without it. The term Sisalation is actually a brand name for a special type of foiled film that was created to protect homes and other buildings from natural elements. Some types of Sisalation products are also flame retardant.

By adding aluminum foil to woven cloth materials or kraft paper and strengthening it with fiberglass, the manufacturer has created a product that has amazing potential. Both Sarking and Sisalation products are rated as insulates and actual bring the R value up in a home or buildings insulation ratings. Due to the benefits of sarking some areas require it to be done to protect homes from wind, fire, as well as other elements.

Being able to use the Sarking technique on inner walls is great because it adds to the insulation value as well as makes a home more protected from natural occurring elements. If needing a new roof for a newly built or used home it is wise to consult with a contractor about using this building technique. The same is true of any building.

Considering that the films used are light reflective they can actually help save a lot of money on utility bills. Materials that benefit a building in more ways than one should always be considered, especially low to no maintenance materials such as Sisalation and those used in Sarking. Though these materials may cost additional money, they are well worth the investment.

As mentioned the investment is not always optional for some, especially if living in a brush fire zone.

If you’re in the market for a new roof or repairs be sure to get in touch and we can recommend the best option for your roof.

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