Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond Roofing

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Why Colorbond in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?

Colorbond roofing has become extremely popular in recent years. It is an extremely durable product that has withheld the test of time. Many builders, homeowners and property developers continue to reuse these materials time and time again due to its excellent properties.

Many experienced roofers recommended Colorbond as it has many outstanding benefits. Colorbond roofing is light and strong and has many advantages over a tiled roof. It is also more resistant to vermin, hail damage and strong winds compared to tile roofs. Colorbond may also be an excellent choice if you live in fire prone areas as it has a higher heat resistance.

Colorbond is available in a huge range of colours and is compatible to all modern architectural styles. It can be laid on nearly all surfaces and angles as low as 1 degree pitch. This allows the desired ‘flat roof’ look that you may desire. It is also a popular choice for those looking for a more modern, sleek look as all the elements of the roof can be in matching colors.

Because a Colorbond roof will typically weigh only 10% of a tile roof, there are also cost advantages as it will need much less timber framing to support it.

Within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Colorbond roofing is becoming increasingly popular.

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