Colorbond® Roofing

Colorbond® roofing has become extremely popular in recent years due no doubt to advertising campaigns by BHP, Lycaght and Bluescope steel. Although Colorbond® became very popular after these intensive promotional campaigns it withheld the test of time as many builders, homeowners and property developers continue to reuse these materials time and time again.

Many experienced roofers recommended Colorbond® as it has many outstanding benefits.  Colorbond® roofing is light, strong and provided it is properly insulated can be better than a tile roof. A Colorbond® option usually means saving on structural timbre in a roof being a more economical and environmentally friendly roof. It is also more resistant to vermin, hail damage and strong winds compared to tile roofs. It has a higher heat resistant ability making it a very popular choice for homes being built in fire prone areas.

Colorbond® is available in a huge range of colours and is compatible to all modern architectural styles as it is able to be laid on nearly all surfaces and angles. It can be laid as low as 1 degree pitch whereas tiles roofs can not be lowered below a 13 degree pitch. This allows for the desired flat roof look many customers desire. Often home owners after they render their homes decide on a Colorbond®  roof as its modern sleek look compliments the new render.

The Roofing Professionals have replaced many tile roofs some in very good condition with Colorbond® because of these advantages.

There can be cost advantages choosing a Colorbond® roof over  tiles because of the timber framing. A Colourbond® roof will typically way only 10% of a tile roof meaning less wood needed to hold up the roof. With a Colorbond® roof you can have a totally integrated roof with flashings, valleys, ridge cappings, gutter and fascia all matching.

Within the eastern suburbs Colorbond® is a becoming increasingly popular.

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