Tile Roof Repairs

Broken tiles easily fixed with a good tile roof repair.

Tile Roof Repair. Image Source.

Do you have a tile roof? Are you looking for tile roof repairs in Sydney?

Tile Roof Repairs Sydney

Tile roofs should be maintained every 25 to 30 years. Typically after 30 years valleys need replacing and ridge capping needs to be repointed.  Depending on how old the roof is and how severely it is damaged, the tile roof repair process can be as simple as replacing a tile with a spare one (many tile roofers leave behind tiles on each roof that they do) or a well executed silicone repair can do the trick.

It is best to use a roofing professional as tiles can become brittle over time. Walking on fragile tiles can break them, causing unnecessary further damage to your roof.

The Roofing Professionals Eastside offer a free no obligation quote and inspection to ensure roofs are maintained to withstand heavy rain and hail.

Today we choose to use a product called “Flexi-point” – a pre-coloured flexible waterproof to match the colour of your tiles. It is important to note that many insurance companies will not pay for damage to your ceilings and interiors if you do not maintain your roof.

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