Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

What is Roof Restoration?

A roof restoration involves replacing cracked, broken or defective tiles, repairing or replacing of flashings and valleys, re-bedding and pointing ridge capping. The next step involves cleaning the tiles with an anti fungicidal wash and a high pressure hose. A sealer coat is then applied along with two coats of finishing colour.

Restoring Your Roof vs. Re-roofing

A roof restoration is a cheaper alternative to a re-roof when your roof tiles are still sound. You can have the appearance of a brand new roof at a fraction of the price.

A roof restoration is not recommended if your roof tiles are drummy or fretting due to old age. In this instance, we would recommend a re-roof instead.

The Different Types of Roof Restoration

Cement/ Concrete Tile

Cement or concrete tiles lend themselves to a roof restoration because most concrete tiles fade with time. A high pressure hosing can help make them look as good as new!

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

A terracotta tile roof can also be restored. Unglazed terracotta tiles can be repainted, however we do not recommend recolouring terracotta tiles as the natural beauty of terracotta should last a lifetime. However cleaning a terracotta roof, removing dirt, mould and moss is a good idea. Excessive mould or moss can make a roof leak.

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