Roof Dip Repair

Are you looking for roof dip repairs, Sydney? Read on to find out what might be causing them and why they need fixing by a professional.

The Roofing Professional remove unsightly or dangerous dips in your roof. It is much easier to do this when the roof tiles are off. There are several reasons for the dips in your roof. Usually due to inadequate support through bracing, struts or purlin supports. However it  can also be due to more serious problems such as termites.

We can carry out structural repairs to your roof in order to rectify these problems.

Roof Dip Repair

It is quite common to see large dips in roofs, especially with older homes and generally they don’t prove to be a big problem. It is the smaller dips a homeowner should be concerned with because this often results in wood damage where termites have weakened the wood and the wooden structure is unable to support the structure of the roof. In this case you should seek out a professional for roof dip repair.

roof dip Sydney's eastern suburbs

Sometimes a large amount of pressure on a roof can result in a roof dip. A few years ago The Roofing Professionals restored a roof in Coogee where a tree branch had fallen on the roof causing it to dip and damage the structural wood under the roof. Cutting tree branches surrounding a home can prevent possible roof dips occurring. A large amount of pressure on a roof like snow fall can result in a roof dip however this is very unlikely to happen in the eastern suburbs of Sydney!

Have a look at this helpful website for a quick review of the different roof types and why dips might be occurring-

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