Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roofs are renowned to be very long lasting. Many concrete tile manufacturers provide a 50 year warranty against any defects. Concrete tiles are manufactured from durable concrete making them very strong and able to withstand Australia’s harsh seasons. Concrete tiles are available in many colours some even being speckled in colour to create a feature of your roof or match the outer appearance of your home. The Roofing Professionals provide a wide variety of colours in there concrete tile range to ensure you are happy with the options available. The Roofing Professionals Eastside work on many coastal homes along the eastern suburbs so now cater for their customers with a wide range of concrete roof tiles that can withstand high salt levels safe for coastal living.

Concrete tiles can also offer a great thermal performance where they can maintain the temperature of your home to a comfortable level. We can also offer additional thermal insulation by adding sarking and increased insulation to your concrete tiled roof.

Concrete tiles can also reduce the sounds inside the house. For example it can lowers noise levels of heavy rain, aircrafts and storms.

Generally concrete tiles are low maintenance require very little work  throughout the life of the roof. If a section does get damaged usually only a few tiles need to replaced.

Concrete tiles can be in the form of shingle flat profile titles like the Linea or Cambridge roof tiles or the traditional tiles such as the Roman or Tudor shaped tiles. Within the eastern suburbs the flat profile tiles are a popular option.  It is important to note that concrete tiles unlike terracotta can fade over time unless they are Colour Through tiles where the colour is not applied to the surface of the tile but applied throughout.

Concrete tiles also offer great fire resistance being a great option for homes that may be situated in high fire hazard areas.


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