Vermin Proofing

Vermin proofing removes unwanted critters such as this possum.

Vermin Possum. Image Source: Flickr

Vermin proofing ensures that those pesky unwanted critters stay where they belong – outside! The roofing professionals can vermin proof your roof to stop possums, rats and birds from entering and nesting in your roof cavity. The Roofing Professionals have vermin proofed many homes in the eastern suburbs particularly in the leafy areas of Vaucluse, Double Bay and Bellevue Hill. It is important to do this as wildlife can be trapped and die in your roof. Not only is it  sad to see this happen but the deceased animal can result in a terrible smell throughout the home.

A few years ago a customer rang from Woollahra saying that her daughter’s room smelt terrible and she could not diagnose the problem. A professional roofer went to her home to find a dead wombat within the roof covered in insects, flies and maggots which was the result of the terrible smell. We removed the wombat and sealed the roof to prevent any more animals from getting trapped within the roofing of her home.

How Does Vermin Proofing Work?

There are many ways to vermin proof a roof. Typically however, in order to protect a roof against vermin such as possum and rats, metal or wooden mesh is placed around the eaves of the roof as well as any other opening to ensure the vermin can’t get in. This is safe for the animal but tough enough to ensure they stay away!

Other Benefits of Vermin Proofing

Not only does it keep those pesky critters out, a solid vermin seal can also have added advantages such as stopping rain from splashing into open areas.

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