Terracotta Tiling

Terracotta Tiling

Are you looking for a professional to help with your terracotta roof? Are you in need of terracotta repair, cleaning or re-roofing in Sydney? Find out how we can help.

What Are Terracotta Tiles?

Terracotta tiles are made from natural clays that are heated to high temperatures around 1,100 degrees celsius. It is renowned for maintaining its exact colour over its lifetime withstanding against the sun, wind and hail. It has very strong properties where maintenance is at a minimum. Generally speaking Terracotta building suppliers will provide a 50 year warranty on their terracotta tiles. Many customers believe Terracotta tiles make a beautiful yet still hardwearing choice for your roof. The terracotta tiles used by The Roofing Professionals have been treated by a special UV filter making them a very suitable choice of roof in Australia’s harsh UV sun.

Terracotta tiles are non toxic making them a suitable option for the collection of rainwater. However it must be noted that your roof must be cleaned regularly.

What Problems Can You Face With a Terracotta Roof?

Most roofs in sydney are terracotta where many are over 100 years old. Although terracotta has been around for thousands of years and has many great qualities like any material it at times can develop problems where tiles become brittle and fretting can occur. This is particularly prone to roofs close to coastal environments. Salt air has a detrimental affect on terracotta. The life span of a terracotta roof is usually around 60 years. After 60 years problems usually become more evident. Common problems include mould on the ceilings or drippings and leaks within the roofs which can go unnoticed especially if you have insulation. However if these problems do occur usually to fix your roof only a few tiles will need to be replaced.

Terracotta tiles are also available in a French or Marseille pattern which were very popular at the turn of the century. Swiss and Turin pattern tiles also became popular in the 80’s and 90’s but now the trend is towards the shingle or flat profile tiles.

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