Can I Use Silicone to Repair a Tiled Roof?

Can I Use Silicone to Repair a Tiled Roof?

This is a good question because clay tiles can crack and cause considerable damage if left un-repaired. It might seem that the easiest option would be to repair the broken tile with silicone. However, when searching the web, most websites will recommend replacing cracked and damaged tiles immediately. Unfortunately, there may be times when this is impossible due to timing, location, and even finances. So what can you do instead?

If you are seeking a temporary solution, then silicone could be used to seal a broken tile. This would temporarily prevent the crack from causing leaks or potential mold growth under the roofs surface. In order to do this, you will need the correct materials and then to safely get on your roof.

Walking on a Tiled Roof

To avoid costly repairs caused by leaks, you can choose to use silicone to repair a tile. However, because tiles are fragile, it is very important to learn to walk on a tiled roof before you begin. You could end up causing more damaged than you started with!

Taking precaution to evenly distribute your weight and stay clear of the edges of the tiles will help prevent damaging them. Using a board with padding under it can prevent you from damaging tiles as well as making it easier to walk on a slanted surface.

Have a look at the video below for some helpful advice.

Silicone – A Temporary Solution for a Tiled Roof

When trying to seal a broken tile with silicone, it is wise to have plenty of material to complete the job before you begin. Once you are safely in position on your roof, seal in and around the entire crack, as well as the sides, top and bottom of the entire tile. This should be enough to prevent any serious leaks, until a professional repair can be made.

So, to answer the question ‘Can silicone be used to repair a tiled roof’- Yes! It can. However the solution is only temporary and we do recommend you call out a professional for a long term solution.