Can Terracotta Roof Tiles Be Painted?

Can Terracotta Roof Tiles Be Painted?

Painting is a simple way to update the look of your home. In this case, you may be asking ‘Can terracotta roof tiles be painted?’

Terracotta comes in two kinds – glazed and unglazed. You can paint both, or keep the natural color of the tile. If you do decide to paint them, you must ensure you prepare your roof tiles before you begin to ensure an effective finish.

Glazed or Unglazed Tiles?

Many people choose to glaze their tiles. Terracotta clay can be porous, which makes it susceptible to salt and wind damage, and erosion over time. This glaze acts as a buffer against damage caused by the weather and other natural elements.

Unglazed roof tiles are not covered with any pre-coating, which gives them a rustic appearance that some people prefer. However, unglazed roof tiles are best used in areas with little rain, since they are not covered with protective coating and are porous, which means that these will absorb water and deteriorate more quickly than glazed roof tiles.

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Painting Terracotta Tiles

So, you have old roof tiles and you may be asking ‘Can terracotta roof tiles be repainted?’ It is possible to recolour or repaint terracotta roof tiles, provided that the tiles are prepared adequately beforehand. You will need a high pressure water device to remove any moss and debris first. Then you will need to apply a primer or etching solution to prepare the tiles. Next you will need to use a sealer as the second coat. after this, two coats of a good quality roofing paint will be more than adequate for getting the job done.

What is the Best Method for Paint Application?

Because terracotta tiles can be porous and a bit more fragile than others, it may be a good idea to go for a high pressure, airless application. Using brushes or rollers might not guarantee a flawless effect. An airless application also guarantees that the paint will not flake or clump.

NOTE: if the tiles are very brittle we do not recommend recolouring the tiles – they should be replaced instead.